Maraval Roman Catholic School was previously Maraval Girls’ and Maraval Boys’ Roman Catholic Schools. Both schools shared a building but occupied individual levels (upstairs and downstairs respectively). The dilapidated building was demolished in July 1989 and in September of that same year a new three-story structure, built to accommodate 650 pupils, was erected on the same site. The Parish Hall was being used during construction to house the schools on a shift system.

On Tuesday 24th October, 1989 the keys to the new school were handed over to the then Manager, Rev. Fr. Kevin de Loughry, and permission was given to move operations from the Parish Hall to the new school building. Tuesday 31st October, 1989 saw classes lined up for the first time, and they were addressed by Mrs. Merle Buckmire PI. Four hundred and fifty-nine (459) of the five hundred and seventy-two (572) students were present. At that time the staff comprised twenty-two (22) teachers. The official opening of the school took place on 13th November, 1989.

Classes retained their identity as boys’ and girls’ classes until September, 1990 when full integration took place with teachers teaching co-educational classes for the first time.

Year Principal

1989 Mrs. Merle Buckmire

1989 Mrs. Mabel Forde (Ag.)

1992 Mrs. Mabel Forde

2001 Mrs. Sylvia Williams (Ag.)

2005 Mrs. Parbatee Donaldson (Ag.)

2005 Mrs. Heather Pierre

2009 Mrs. Patricia Ramnarine (Ag.)

2010 Mr. Sterling Jacobs

2016 Mrs. Patricia Ramnarine (Ag.)

2018 Mrs. Parbatee Donaldson (Ag.)

2019 Mr. Kern Campbell (Ag.)

2019 Mrs. Merhair-Gransam